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LS 36.5 DM


尺寸Dimensions: 17-1/2“W x 12-1/2“D x 4-3/4“H吋
重量Weight: 60 磅lbs. (约70 磅lbs. shipped)两件
真空管Tube complement: 6H30 X2, 5AR4 X 1,6EA7 X 1
增益Gain: ~12dB
输入阻抗Input Impedance: 50Kohm
输出阻抗Output Impedance: 110ohm
频率响应Frequency Response 20Hz-100Khz +/-1dB


Note: The right is reserved to alter performance, specification and appearance as required

l  分体电源供电,确保电流干扰减到最低

l  电源及放大线路部分为左右声道独立布局,加强声音分隔度

l  以6EA7及5AR4真空管各两枚为供电稳压

l  主体机内使用两枚6H30真空管,以作输入级线路放大

l  厄流圈式电源过滤电路,确保纯正供电状态

l  全新按钮式选项功能面设计,带来更优雅的外型

l  A类 增益及负回输电路设计

l  设多组RCA输入和两组RCA输出

l  XLR平衡输入及输出各一组

l  附设遥控功能

The PS 36.5 Power Supply is an outboard, dual-mono power supply that can be added to an existing LS 36.5 linestage. Combining dual discrete tube voltage rectification and all tube voltage regulation stages along with removing the power supply from the main chassis takes the sound of the 36.5 to another level of excellence. There is an increase in separation, weight, and resolution that has to be experienced to be believed.

Six tubes are used in the PS 36.5: (2) 6H30 triodes for signal gain and buffering, (2) 6EA7/6EM7 triodes for voltage regulation and (2) 5AR4 (and equivalent, including 5U4) for rectification, making this power supply a true dual mono design.

Existing LS 36.5 units can be upgraded or the two box preamplifier can be ordered as a LS 36.5 DM.

We feel this new upgrade offers a substantial breakthrough in value and performance. The PS 36.5 is styled to match the LS 36.5 and rectifier tubes are exposed to allow ease of tube replacement.

Recommended Tube Upgrades for the PS 36.5 DM:

PS36.5 Rectifier Tube: GZ34, 5AR4, 5U4G, 5U4GB, 5V4, 5V4GB











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