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QUAD’s reputation as a manufacturer of hi-fi products that deliver musical accuracy through technical prowess is legendary and is nowhere more evident than in the Platinum series of components. Platinum is the pinnacle of QUAD design, a series of CD/DAC Pre and Power amplifiers that provides everything you need, bar the loudspeakers, to replay music recordings as they were meant to be heard – naturally.

Platinum is the flagship of the QUAD range, a new set of electronics from a brand that has been famous for quality amplification since 1936. Like all QUAD designs, Platinum’s purpose is the ‘closest approach to the original sound’ – in Platinum’s case closer than ever before.


/模转换器DAC: 水晶Crystal CS4398

软件升级 Upgradable Software

兼容 PC and MAC Compatible

 铸铝主体 Die Cast Aluminium Body

完整远程兼容 Complete Remote Compatibility

 /模转换器 DAC

 Crystal CS4398 X 2

 I/V 转换conversion

 24-bit/192kHz delta sigma

 输出电压Output voltage

 RCA unbalanced 单端(fixed固定 / variable变量)


 2.42V / 0 ~ 4.1V


 XLR balanced (fixed固定 / variable变量)


 2.44V / 0 ~ 4.1V

 输出阻抗Output impedance

 100 Ohms

 频率响应Frequency response

 20 - 20kHz (+/-5dB)

 讯噪比S/N ratio


 数字输入 Digital inputs



 3 optical (TosLink光纤)


 1 USB with asynchronous data processing异步模式

 数字输出Digital outputs

 1optical (TosLink光钎)


 1 BNC同轴


 1 RCA同轴


 1 AES/EBU平衡

 模拟输出Analogue output

 1 set of RCA sockets & 1set of XLR sockets

 尺寸Dimensions (W x H x D)

 380 x 160 x 400 (mm)

 净重Net Weight

 380 x 160 x 400 (mm)

Note: The right is reserved to alter performance, specification and appearance as required.











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